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How is treated the "Maximum power" of the inverter ?

André Mermoud

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The main basic parameter of the inverter is the Nominal AC power Pnom, that is the maximum power the inverter is able to deliver to the grid in any conditions.

Some manufacturers specify also a Maximum AC power Pmax, as a power which may be attained in specific conditions. They usually have a vague criteria like for example "during half an hour".

To our understanding, this is related to the internal temperature of the device. However PVsyst has no mean for the determination of this internal temperature (which would require to describe the whole environment of the inverter in great detail), and therefore in the present time it cannot use this information. In other words, PVsyst doesn't take the Pmax value into account, this may be considered as a "bonus" diminishing the overpower losses issued from the simulation.



Model: Maximum power attainable as function of the internal device temperature

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