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Bifacial Vertical E-W Simulation


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Hello! I wanted to know if you have any updates on the vertical E-W simulation for bifacial systems, I was trying to simulate it by using the calculated near shading the factor from the front side (I simulated it using the fixed tilted plane orientation and 3D scene, with the unlimited sheds option in the bifacial settings) and feeding it back to the shading factor in the bifacial settings. This results in a simulation that underestimates the energy output of the system I am trying to simulate (with some uncertainty considering that the irradiation data imported is not the same as in field irradiation).

Do you have any estimation of how much improvement in energy yield is expected as I read that PVsyst is working on an improved transposition model for this case?

I also wanted to know when the update with the inclusion of E-W vertical walls simulation is to be expected. Thank you!

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