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How to import data from the PHOTON or other databases ?

André Mermoud

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Since March 2016

The PHOTON database is no more available. They have changed their web site and their Database page is not more reachable.

However PVsyst is not managing this tool in any way. We have no relationship with the PHOTON Team.

And we don't know any alternative database sufficiently detailed for being used as input in PVsyst.

The PVsyst database holds about 12'500 PV modules and 4'500 inverters. We update the database using the requests of the manufacturers, and publish it with each new issue of PVsyst. We can't of course follow all the new products of all manufacturers. It would be very big task, and we don't want to include data without the acknowledgement of the manufacturer.

Nevertheless you can easily create your own components by yourself. The easiest way is to choose a similar existing device in the database, modify its parameters according to the manufacturer's datasheets, and save it under a new name, therefore creating a new file in your database.

For Crystalline modules, except Isc, Vco, Impp and Vmpp, nb of cells in series and module sizes, you can let all the other parameters at their default value.

NB: PHOTON still sells a database readable through MS_Access. However there is no link between this database and PVsyst: for using it you will have to recopy all the values manually in PVsyst.

On the other hand, make sure that this database is still regularly updated.

Procedure before march 2016:

Importing data from the PHOTON database is in principle straightforward. In "Tools" / "PVModules", you have a button "Import from PHOTON"

When clicking this button, you can immediately go to your Web browser and "Paste the address of the Photon site.

After that you choose your component, and select/copy the whole page from the first word up to the end.

Returning in PVsyst and opening a "New" component (PV module or Inverter), you should have a button "Import from PHOTON".


If this button is not visible, there may be 3 problems:

- If you have an old version of PVsyst, < 5.4: please download and install the latest version, as the PHOTON web page has completely changed.

- If you are using Explorer 9, a problem of access appeared some months ago:

In the menu of the browser, you should open "Options"/"Display and compatibility parameters", and here give the authorization to the PHOTON site: http://www.photon.info.com.

- With Explorer 9 the format of the copied data has changed recently: please update to the latest version of PVsyst (V5.58 or higher).

NB: In the PHOTON database, parameters are not always complete. If some required parameters are missing PVsyst will sometimes not be able to import this component.

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