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How to transfer my code to another machine ?

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With version 5.xx

There is a tool in PVsyst for transferring the code from one machine to another one. After installing the software on the target machine, please carefully read the "Local number" produced. Then you come back to the original (licensed) machine, open the tool ("License" / "Transfer to another machine"), which will ask for the new Local number and will deliver the corresponding code.

Please note it carefully, and keep this information for the future.

After that, the original machine will turn itself into DEMO mode.

This procedure may be performed as often as desired.

With version 6.xx

In the main menu, open "License" / "Status and activation", press the button "Transfer" and follow the instructions.

You will have to deactivate your license on our server, and then you will be able to reuse it on any other computer.

NB: You will need your "Customer ID" for performing this transfer, which is mentioned on your invoice or the mail containing your activation key.

If the computer where the license was activated is unavailable (reformatted, lost), you have to contact our administration admin@pvsyst.com, and explain the problem.

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