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Batch simulation for vertical axis


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Hi everyone, I'm trying to do a batch simulation for various pitch spacing for a vertical axis tracking system with common axis. For a single array in the shading scene, I notice that the option for N-S pitch is not available when selecting the batch simulation parameters. The only pitch parameter available is the E-W pitch between trackers, which isn't what I need.

If I set my shading scene to have 2 shading arrays, I do get the option to have N-S pitch as a parameter, however I there are no difference in the batch results at all and in the reports generated the pitch did not change between my simulations even though it has been defined in the batch simulation file! The batch simulation has taken whatever pitch that was already saved in the shading scene and repeated it the number of simulations I have set in the batch file.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a work-around?

Thank you!

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