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Orientation optimisation


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I imported data from PVGIS-SAF, PVGIS-Classic and from meteornom 6.

I tried to do optimization of orientation for same geo localization: Berlin.

And each tilt for each data is different why?



PVGIS-SAF(1 deg azimuth but not influence on result):




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The transposition is highly dependent on the diffuse part.

And the models for the diffuse are usually rather coarse.

However the calculations in this tool are only meant for a quick evaluation when you are choosing an orientation. They are computed very quickly using a simplified algorithm based on the Montly meteo data (calculation of 3 average days for each month). Please don't use it for accurate evluations.

The tool in "Tools" / "Transposition Factor" provides more accurate optimizations, evaluated on the basis of the hourly data, and for different conditions (different months, eventual horizon shading, etc).

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Hello, thanks for answer.

But now i got new ones after i read your article.

I did as you suggested Transposition Factor for Berlin.


So it showing optimum about 35.5 degree.

Then i read about electrical shading effect and got like this:


So optimum should be about: 28-29 degree with pitch same like for 35.5 degree right?

I dont exactly understand shading effect of cell 12.5 cm in 1 width, what it means?

For landscape position, it means shade on all cells in one row so just 1 submodule shaded in half (10 cells/20 in submodule, 10 cells shaded in module)


For portrait position, it means all submodules shaded so it would be like 2 cells/20 in submodule, 6 cells in module


something else?

but still dont know which case it's estimating.

my version is 5 and just using it from tool tab.


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