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Bifacial - height above ground


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Hello folks,

From PVsyst help I get that height above ground (in bifacial settings) is: "the height of the bottom of the sheds, or of the axis in the tracker case".

There is a distance from the tracker axis to the rear surface of the module and this distance varies depending on the tracker manufacturer.

Does PVsyst add a number on top of "height above ground" to account for this? If yes, what is its value?


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It does not. Different manufacturers will have different tracker designs, and PVsyst would not know which value to use. The distance PVsyst considers is only from the module. The axis refers to the axis of rotation (X location on the module); the Y component (height) is defined by user from the module. Your input into this field should take into account the tracker design. Have a look at the bifacial input settings page to see this. Image attached for reference.


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