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Diffuse greater than global

Yakir David

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I'm Using PVsyst V6.43, I've imported some meteo data, the conversion went fine and I've checked the data using graphs and tables.

however, once I trying to load the data into a project it gives me an error saying: "Definition of meteo data: July : diffuse greater than global !"

I tried to ignore that but I'm getting weird values for the irradiation

Thanks in advance

Yakir David

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This is indeed an erroneous situation within the original Meteo data.

PVsyst should normally check this at the import time. But the import of each provider is different, and perhaps this has not been checkd during your import.

Moreover these checks have significantly evolved since this old version 6.43.

NB: If you want to use these data, you have to correct them in the original meteo data file, before importing them.

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