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Near Shadings - how do i draw a single axis tracker


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In the construction perspective, I'm trying to create a N-S axis single axis tracker. My tables are 2m wide (length of the module) by 52 modules long (about 52m). Azimut is 0, shed is 5m, tilt is 0. I'm pretty sure I have it modeled electrically correctly. It's been some years since I've worked in the program and have not had much luck finding resources describing the process.

I have the image imported and scaled in the Shading Scene Construction. On the tools tab I was trying to use zone editing and field properties to fill the area with the tables and appropriate spacing. However on the Basic tab it has Shed Tilt at 30 degrees and I cant change it. Any help is appreciated. I have 360 strings of 26 modules (2m x 0.992m).

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For defining arrays of trackers, you should use "Create > Tracking PV planes" in the main menu of the 3D editor.

It is not yet possible to distribute trackers in a zone.

If you define tables (sheds) in a zone, you can modify the tilt angles globally by selectring the desired tables, and use "Edit > Modify selected objects" in the main menu.

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