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Shading scene import from AutoCAD issue


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I am eable to import the shading scene from AutoCAD through FBX conversion to DAE, but I do not succeed in creating the material of the PV faces. After importing the .dae file, I get the following dialog box:


That is, I do not get the second tab for "PV objects", therefore I cannot define the PV surface for the imported objects. I know I can go one by one selecting the surface of every table and converting it to PV faces, but this is unpractical when having thousands of tables.

This is the procedure I have followed:

[*]Create the layout in AutoCAD. The tables are defined as polylines and given position and tilt.

[*]Convert objects to surfaces in the 3D scene.

[*]Assign a material to the surface.

[*]Export to FBX file in AutoCAD.

[*]Convert FBX to DAE using Autodesk FBX converter.

[*]Import DAE file from PVsyst.

All the objects are imported and shown in the 3D scene in PVsyst, but as said before, no tab for PV Objects is shown, therefore not allowing me to define PV Surfaces of the imported objects.

Are there any specific requirements for the surfaces/objects and/or materials to be used in AutoCAD in order to be recognized by PVsyst software?

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