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Need of solar water pump solution for various needs

chanakya patel

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I have been using PVsyst for a long time and it gives quite a good design and impression on various kind of solar solutions.

One need that do not get entertained is how much water will I get from how much depth and use for irrigation like flood irrigation (which means I will take out water from Borehole and use it to irrigate directly from a pipe) and no storage in any kind of tank.

I see PVsyst deals with designs only with storage which in huge irrigation pumping applications seems infeasible.

Like in India there are various kind of irrigation the farmers do. 1. flood type 2. Drip irrigation 3. sprinklers irrigation (various sizes of nozzles)

in Type 1. one needs to have 2 basic inputs "how much water " from " how much depth" . No storage. Means when we design we need inputs which will give water output at the end of the Borehole pipe atleast 1 meter above ground.

In type 2 & 3 we need to know the "pressure" requirements knowledge on top of above 2 basic questions. If this is addressed and entertained we can design much better designs to meet similar requirements.

Ofcourse rest of questions will be there and I see are there but with storage applications only. Hope i have been able to well explain our needs.

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