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SolarEdge Nominal Pnom ratio


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When I design a SolarEdge system I am not able to adjust the "Nominal Pnom Ratio" in the "Strings Configuration" dialog box. It's default value is 1.35 but I want to design up to 1.55. When I change the value and click the "Reinitializes Inverter List" button the value changes back to 1.35.

I've adjusted overload loss in the project settings to 10%. I've also adjusted the hidden parameters that relate to oversizing. I've also adjusted the "Maximum Input Power" value in the inverter OND file.

How can I adjust the maximum Pnom ratio?

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The development of the SolarEdge systems has been done in close relationship with SolarEdge.

SolarEdge edicted very complex rules for each of their components and associations of components. PVsyst strictly applies the requirement of these SolarEdge rules.

Please ask SolarEdge people for the reasons of these constraints.

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