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What can I gain with micro-inverters ?

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Micro-inverters are distributed devices managing usually 1 PV module, sometimes 2 or 4, directly connected to the grid.

Some people are waiting for a big gain of productivity with this configuration.

The maximum gain we can wait with respect to a "normal" system will be:

- A part of the mismatch due to different modules (if 2 or 4 modules in series, there may be still a mismatch between them).

- A part of the shading electrical mismatch loss (to be evaluated with the "Module layout" tool in both cases).

But other features may represent a worst behaviour:

- The wiring loss will be distributed between the DC and the AC parts up to the injection point. With Micro-inverters you have no wiring losses on the DC circuit (or very limited with 2 or 4 modules); but you have AC losses on a long way under 240V. With centralized systems, the DC circuit is usually working at high voltage (500-700V), reducing the wiring loss (for a same wire section) in a part of the distance. The AC loss only concerns the distance between the inverter and the injection point, and may act on a 3-phased circuit (less current).

- Usually a big inverter has a higher efficiency. This has to be included in the comparison.

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