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Analyzing the modules used in a simulation


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Is there a feature that can help identify if the module used in a simulation is the default database file? When looking at third party simulations where the designer has modified the default file, the source is usually still reported as "manufacturer 2012"' or similar, even if the designer has actually modified the PAN file. If a designer has used a default file as the basis for modifications, are there any tools for comparing the module parameters in the default and modified files?
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No sorry, there is no possibility for identifying the PV module's parameters used in a simulation.

This is indeed a weakness of the result's report of PVsyst. I have to think about some solution, but it is really not easy ...

By the way the parameters of the PVsyst database are proposed by the manufacturers, and may also be "biased" (although I try to have some control on this, see What explains the difference of yield between different modules?

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