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Redundant .MET and .MEF Files if .DAM and .DAF Files Exist and Contain Weather


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Measured data analysis in PVsyst v6.8.1: 1.) I am wondering why we need to make a set of MEF and MET files if we have already made a set of DAF and DAM files which contain the necessary weather data; the need for both sets seems redundant -- unless I am doing something wrong? 2.) It would be nice if you could open and explore the chosen measured data file using a file open button next to the "Measured data" dropdown menu within the "Measured data analysis" tool, similar to the ability to open and explore the MET file that has been chosen using the file open button to the right of the "Meteo File" dropdown menu on the same screen in the same tool. Part of the motivation for being able to open the "Measured data" file that has been selected from the dropdown menu is that the dropdown menu truncates the filename; if the filename is long, it is useful to have the ability to confirm that the right file is selected. Another option is to avoid the truncation of the filenames, perhaps by prioritizing the display of the filenames over other fields. Thanks.
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