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Shading Scene Construction - Irregular Arrays


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This may be a simpler question than usual, but I'm having a hard time developing a shading scene that is more than just one row of trackers. The solar array is a polygon shape, with rows of single axis trackers and gaps in between those columns. My first issue is that when I create one large zone over all my trackers in the construction, it forces me to change the azimuth so that the zone fills with columns of panels, rather than rows (like in a fixed tilt situation) -- but then that forces me to change my system azimuth which realistically should be 0 degrees. What I've been trying to do is to do individual zones for each tracker yet it seems finicky about when it will fill a zone -- sometimes if I mess with the pitch it will decide to fill, but it seems unclear what this pitch refers to as opposed to pitch between tracker rows.

Any insight into these issues would be appreciated!

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