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Efficiency Inverter 2 MPPTs


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I would like to know how calculated the efficiency of 2 MPPTs inverter.

Here below, my problematic:

I have an inverter with 2 MPPTs, functioning at different voltage and power, for example:

V1= 500 V P1= 5 kW

V2= 600 V P2= 6 kW

My question is: How to determine the power and the voltage of conversion in the inverter?

I could calculated the efficiency using the curve for each MPPTs, but it might be idiot because it like taking 2 inverter into account.

I think that the final power to be used is : P1+P2= 11 kW

But i dont know about the voltage.

Can you help me please?

Kind regards

Victor Daras

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My guess is that you will need to contact the inverter manufacturer for this information, as it could depend on the internal architecture of the inverter and how they have designed it to operate.
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I thank you for your reply, I wasn't expecting an answer anymore.....

I have already asked to DELTA (it's the only contact with manufacturer i have), they answer that i have to use symmetrical configuration...

So there answer was useless...

FYI, you use the HUAWEI 30 KTL-A for the simulation.

PVsyst seems to calculate the voltage by making a weighted average between the voltages of each MPPT and their power.

If i dont use the modul to change the sharing of power on MPPT inputs, the total efficiency is the weighted average between efficiency of each MPPT and their power.

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