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Shadings/Horizon information


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1. It seems that the "PVGIS Horizon From WEB" as described below doesn't work automatically. Any suggestion?

"The free service PVGIS (http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvg_tools/en/tools.html#) provides worldwide horizons.

This service has been integrated in PVsyst (requires an active internet connection). Simply choose "PVGIS Horizon From WEB" and press the "Import from PVGIS web"

2. Should we finally import the Far Shadings/Horizon information during Simulation or this information is already included in Meteo data?

The question concerns big open-field installations.

Best Regards

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A little late responding here.

1. Update to 6.8.3, PVGIS is working in that version. Or visit that link, get the horizon profile in txt format, convert to PVsyst readable format, and then import as PVsyst internal file.

2. It is not automatically included in the meteo data.

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Not sure why that may be. Clear existing horizon, click Read / Import. Then Select PVGIS from left menu. Click the line "PVGIS horizon from WEB. Click import from PVGIS WEB. I just tried and it worked for me. Double check that your .SIT file has proper coordinates.
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