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Irrealistic clearness index


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I'm simulating in a northern region of Chile, about 1300m above sea level, and when I try to input manually the irradiation data from local meteorological institute (Explorador Solar) to register a geographical site, PVsyst gives me the following error:

"April : this value of global irradiation corresponds to an irrealistic clearness index Kt=0.84"

...and for some other months as well.

Do you think the data is wrong or is it a bug..? If the latter is the case, how to solve it?

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Sorry that I haven't checked the FAQ before.

So, now I changed the default limit value in the Preferences>Edit hidden parameters, but now the error appears in the Project's designation panel of the Project Design menu:

Invalid meteo file:

The Clearness index of the best clear days is very high with respect to the clear day model. Check the values with the "Best clear day Ktcc" graph.

I checked the Best clear day Ktcc graph and nothing happens.

Could you please tell me what to do?

Thank you in advance.

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