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Tracker Design in PVsyst


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We are working on a project in CA and the land/surface is not flat. We are using Helios 3D to design this project using single-axis trackers.

I know that we are cannot import trackers from Helios 3D to PVsyst as they will be imported as PV tables instead of trackers.

Is there a way to design trackers in PVsyst with a varying slope of trackers.

I tried to import surface, create a zone and tried to place trackers and its seems like zoning is only for PV tables and not for trackers.



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In PVsyst, the parameters of all trackers should be identical.

So that at a given time, the orientation of all trackers is the same.

Therefore it is not possible to distribute trackers on a hill, with axis following the slope.

We will develop this feature in a next version.

But in this case the backtracking will be totally impossible (either in PVsyst and in the reality).

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