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Shed spacing on report determination


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How does PVsyst determine the Shed spacing value on the PVsyst report? When I have a shade scene with varying row spacings, there is a single value displayed. I did a test with a simple block and three rows, and found that it is not an average. The value displayed changed depending on where I placed the modules (relative to the X axis), which doesnt immediately make sense to me as to what PVsyst is doing. See photo for what I mean by that. Appreciate any info you can provide.

The left and right shade scenes were modeled separately. The shorter pitch is 20m, and the larger pitch is 30m. Average pitch should be 25m. Energy is the same, I just need to know if this value shown on the report for more complex sites where there is a greater degree of variation in pitch between multiple rows can be useful in some way.


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This part of the report gives indications about the system, taken mainly from general features of the 3D scene.

Of course if the system is complex, with different pitches or sizes, or different groups of sheds, this determination becomes unsure and very difficult to evaluate. It is quite impossible to give accurate measurement of any complex system.

Should we completely suppress it when ths system is not "perfect" ? I don't think so, but people should understand that the values are only indicative.

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