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Preventing export to grid in grid-connected configuration


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Hi folks,

I'm modelling a simple grid-connected PV system and have added a battery under the "weak grid" scenario.

In this location however, it is not permitted to export any power back to the grid. When I try to set a limit using Energy Management > Grid Power Limitation, it does not allow me to set the grid power limitation to anything less than 1kW.

The manual does not suggest that there is a requirement for grid export to be >0.

Can anyone confirm if this is indeed the case, whether I'm just doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

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Perhaps you are using an old version.

In the Weak grid definitions you have this option:

Group "Operating conditions", checkBox "Allows solar injection into the grid."


Thanks André - I had indeed failed to spot that checkbox even though it was obvious once you pointed it out.

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