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Far shading or near shading


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Hi everyone,

I am working for shading loss simulation for PV plant.

So, my plant layout is far from mountain around 270 m. , details as below picture


I would like to know , what option is suitable to calculate shading for this case , Far shading for Near shading ?

And if it need to calculate near shading loss option , how can i create the mountain shape as shading object in 3D construction in PVsyst?

Thank you in advance!

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The thumb rule is to consider a shading object as "Far shading" when it is at a distance of at least ten times the sizes of your PV system.

So if your PVsystem has a size (width or length) less than 27 meter, you can indeed use the "Far shadings".

In the opposite case, you can create a ground object for simulating your mountain.

Don't define a too detailed grid as the calculation time may become prohibitive.

Don't forget to check the option " Enable shadow casting" in the object's properties.

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