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Module layout not filling tables properly


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When using module layout in 6.79, the filling method is not filling strings in order. When defining the fill method as "string on one row", in a 4x6 table configuration, PVsyst is using the first six modules of the first four strings to fill the first table, and when moving to the next table, it is not using the remaining modules from the first four strings to continue filling. It is using modules from the next 4 strings, instead of completing the first four strings. The end result is strings are disconnected and very remote from one another. Whether distributing all or manually distributing one table at a time, it is not possible to string such that three tables make one string in length and four in height.


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auto: the default. The browser's automatic algorithm is used to define how a table's rows, cells, and columns are laid out. The resulting table layout is generally dependent on the content of the table.

fixed: With this value, the table's layout ignores the content and instead uses the table's width, any specified width of columns, and border and cell spacing values. The column values used are based on widths defined on columns or cells for the first row of the table.

inherit: indicates that the value is inherited from the table-layout value of its parent

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