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Batch simulating different tilt angles with terrain


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PVsyst is unable to batch process the tilt variable when ground terrain is incorporated. It seems that what PVsyst is doing is when a tilt is selected, it adjusts the tilt of the tables in the shade scene, and in the orientations section, to the input value on the batch parameters file. However when ground terrain is included, the tables, when set to a given tilt, do not add end up at that tilt; it may be 25.1 degrees instead of 25 degrees. The error shown states "orientation", so this may include both the effective tilt and azimuth calculated in the shade scene with terrain.

It would be ideal if PVsyst, in the batch simulation process, took not the value(s) entered by the user in the batch parameters file directly for the orientation input, but instead the effective orientation (tilt/azimuth) from the shade scene, which is calculated after all tables are set to a specific tilt/azimuth (given in the batch parameters file), and used that for the orientation parameter, so that the shade scene orientation and that entered in the orientations section matched. For bifacial simulations, it would be necessary to have this updated as well based on the result from the shade scene.

Perhaps more simply, the "update orientation parameters" step is missing from the batch simulation procedure (see second image)



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As for simulation with terrain, it's not possible to run batch simulation for different tilts because if we change tilt angle on terrain, azimuth will also get change.

Also if consider Helios3D for shading file having terrain and layout, It's better to have file for any tilt and after import in PV Syst change tilt in Near shading seen.

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