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Simulating Battery Storage with Grid Connected Systems w/ PVSyst 6.79


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I'd like to simulate battery storage behavior for a utility sized PV system. Through the simulation I'd like to obtain how long it would take for a battery storage system to be charged given a certain MWhr storage capacity. The PV system would prioritize charging the batteries without considering the load or the "user". After the batteries have fully charged, the PV system would inject extra energy into the grid when the MW/$ is much higher during high load times.

I'm not sure which of the three modes to use to simulate this scenario. I have configured PVsyst to assume a self-consumption of 0W, then ran the simulation with all the necessary parameters for completing the simulation, but I am not sure if I am simulating correctly for my scenario. I have read the FAQ about battery storage that was written back in 2012, but since the capabilities of the program have changed, is this now possible?

So the main questions are:

Is PVsyst capable of simulating my scenario?

If it is capable, how would I go about simulating my scenario?


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Your scenario corresponds indeed to a strategy of shifting the delivery to the grid with respect to the solar availability.

This may be economically interesting only if the difference between the tariff during reinjection and the tariff during the solar production is higher than the price of the stored energy.

Sorry, this strategy has not been implemented yet "as such".

However it should be possible to use the "Grid limitation" strategy, with a very low grid limit.

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