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Backtracking 2 options: orientation tab vs systemtab


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Hello, guys

I have a doubt on backtracking in PVsyst 6.7.8

The configuration I am using is below (bifacial + tracking system with backtracking)

Input parameters - Main parameters - Orientation - Field type - Horiz. axis, unlimited trackers + backtracking selected


Input parameters - Main parameters - System - Select the PV module - bifacial system - Unlimited Tracker 2D model - Orientation parameters - Uses backtracking selected



I find it confusing what different between two options of backtracking.

It is observed that both selected, either of two backtracking options selected, none of them selected give me different result.

Could anyone give me an clear explanation of it, please?


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My guess is that one is for the shading loss and transposition calculations, etc, and the one located in the bifacial section is for the bifacial calculation. Checking all, one, or none in that case would give you a different result in each of the three scenarios.
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Hello, Solarguru

Thanks for your info.


monofacial + backtraking: select backtracking only in orientation tab

bifacial + backtracking: select backtracking both in orientation tab and in bifacial tab

Then, backtracking selected only in bifacial tab would not any make sense.

is it reasonable to think in this way?

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Agree with you.

One doubt,

What is the way to ask some topic or request directly to PVsyst team? since I am a new in PVsyst forum, I do not know how to approach to them.

I saw some topics replied by PVsyst team while, other are not replied by PVsyst team. This cause me to have this doubt.

Thanks Solarguru and have a good day!

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