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Electrical Effect of Shade on Strings


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Trying several versions of PVsyst, I have a shade scene with tall pole structures as shading objects. Simulating as "According to Module Strings: 100%" does not produce a noticeable difference from "linear shadings" even though the shading diagram in the report shows a noticeable change. Is there a reason why thin pole shading structures are not leading to noticeable loss in the "Electrical Shadings" loss category?


Iso-shading diagram with electrical effect shown


Loss diagram with no electrical effect shown


Electrical effect of shadings at 100 %

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How did you define your partitions?

It's possible that the pole shading is not significant, and with backtracking, results in approx. 0%. In the winter time, module loss according to strings is probably low, and when weighted with the rest of the year, does not result in noticeable losses. When I do a test, I get .001% elec effect losses.

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Partitions were defined as 3 string trackers.

I was able to partially solve this issue by taking the following steps.

1. Change hidden parameters > Sites and Meteo > "Threshold Shd factor from Table for modules activation", "Threshold Shd factor from Calc. for modules activation", and Simulation : Beam threshold for electrical losses" all to zero (0).

2. Run the same shading scene with "Fast (table) calculation" activated. This results in significant electrical shadings loss shown in both the loss tree and 8760 hourly output. These losses are in line with the shading table calculated from the shading scene.

HOWEVER, running the same simulation with "Slow (simul) calculation" activated results in zero (0) electrical shadings loss in both the loss tree and 8760 hourly output.

Why is it that the slow/simul/non interpolated calculation method neglects electrical shading losses? Are there more hidden parameters which should be adjusted to allow the Slow (simul) calculation to capture electrical shadings from objects on a backtracking tracker?


Fast (table) calculation now shows electrical loss.


Hidden parameters for electrical shadings

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