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import of tmy data from SAM CSV still supported?

Caleb Saunders

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I am running v6.75, I downloaded a tmy file for my site from the NSRDB data via SAM as there was a problem with the files the NSRDB site was sending me directly. The instructions in the link below state that we can import this tmy csv data under the "Import meteo data" button and selecting the "SAM CSV" option. I do not have this option in my dropdown menu, am I supposed to? PVsyst did not like the file importing as TMY3 or TMY2 option, so I had to Import as an ASCII meteo, during which I discovered another hiccup I will describe on a separate post.

If the SAM CSV file dropdown option is supposed to be there in my dropdown list, any ideas for why it's not? And if it has been discontinued, why?? Thank you



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