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What is this new "Ground reflexion on front side" contribution ?

André Mermoud

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This "Ground reflexion on front side" contribution had to be introduced with the bi-facial mode. It is due to the reflexion of the ground just between each row of collectors.

It is mainly dependent on the tilt (low tilts will give lower contributions). This was quite necessary especially for the treatment of vertical bi-facial systems.

It is also related to the pitch, as with big pitches, the contributing area in front of the PV table is higher.

You can do some trials for this estimation in different situations.

NB: This contribution is theoretically also present in usual not-bifacial systems. However it has always been neglected, as the calculation is quite complex, it requires all the hypothesis of the bi-facial systems - definition of the ground albedo, the geometry, etc.

We were not aware of it until working on bi-facial systems.

I doubt that any other PV simulation software takes this contribution into account and calculates it accurately.

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