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We update the database using the requests of the manufacturers, and publish it with each new issue of PVsyst.

We can't of course follow all the new products of all manufacturers in the world. We don't want to include data without the acknowledgement of the manufacturer.

Nevertheless you can easily create your own components by yourself. The easiest way is to choose a similar existing device in the database, modify its parameters according to the manufacturer's datasheets, and save it under a new name, therefore creating a new file in your database.

For adjusting the parameters you have to open the battery dialog within the software.

However for Li-Ion batteries, this is not so simple. For defining a battery pack, you should define a single cell, and then construct the battery pack as an assembly of these cells.

Constructing the cell's file requires to avail of detailed datasheets of this cell. And the elaboration of the parameters passes by a detailed analysis of these data (especially the charging / discharging curves).

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