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Importing SolarAnywhere data - "Years considered..." issue.


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I am having trouble importing a Solar Anywhere TMY hourly file into PVsyst 6.7.3. After selecting

"This file seems to be a TMY file, but the sequence “Years considered: XXXX thru XXXX” was not detected in the first line’

I tried adding this text to the first line with no success. I have read all the directions I can find but to no avail. I've also seen some other posts on this same issue but no solution.

Andre or others, can anyone offer a suggestion?


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If you imported the SolarAnywhere file as a .csv, you will use the NREL TMY3 format for import, no modifications needed.

Edit: I just tried importing a .csv solaranywhere file using the solaranywhere format and I also received that error, so I would suspect that is also what you are doing.


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