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Set 2 strings in parallel in one inverter input


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Hi there !

Maybe my question was already answered (and therefore I'd appreciate if you can re-direct me to the related post), but here it is:

I need to set 3 strings in a SMA tripower 2 MPPT input inverter

-2 strings in parallel in an input

-1 string in the other input

I kind of see how to deal with multi mppt entry but it is the part of setting 2 strings in parallel in one input that is bothering me.

Any help/tip will be greatly appreciated !

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In version 6, is this accomplished by setting up multiple subfields and then assigning the main and secondary to different subfields? It looks like the unbalanced strings option is not a default for some multi-MPPT inverters. Will this be changed in the database in the future, or should we plan on making the change manually?
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I just defined the "Unbalanced" option for inverters that I knew.

Now most of the inverters of the database were proposed by their manufacturers before defining this feature, and they didn't mention this capability.

You can of course define this by yourself in the Inverter's parameters.

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