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LG Chem Batteries


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For Li-Ion batteries, this is not so simple. For defining a battery pack, you should define a single cell, and then construct the battery pack as an assembly of these cells.

Constructing the cell's file requires to avail of detailed datasheets of this cell. And the elaboration of the parameters passes by a detailed analysis of these data (especially the charging / discharging curves)

The best way is to start from an existing cell's file, of the same technology (chemistry).

NB : The battery model is fully described in the Help " Physical models used > Batteries - General model description"

And also " Component Database > Batteries > Batteries - Main interface > Batteries - Basic data (Lithium-ion)" and subsequent topics.

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The data specified on the datasheets of these 2 battery blocks RESU7H and RESU10H are indeed incoherent.

These correspond  probably to 2 or 3 modules type RESU 3.3, i.e. 2x or 2x  51.8V with 63 Ah, with a DC-DC bidirectional converter for a 400 V external voltage. . This is not implemented as such in PVsyst.

As a workaround, I have defined these devices as batteries of 108 cells in series (400V) , with reduced capacity  (17 or 25 Ah).  

These will be available in the next version 7.4.5 of PVsyst.

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