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SolarEdge Optimizer - string power difference error


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When trying to model SolarEdge Optimizers I am presented with the following error message:

"Inverter #6: With high Powers, the power difference between different strings should not exceed 2000 W.

However the string design input does not have unbalanced strings - they are actually both the same size...

It appears that perhaps the error is coming from not having a second/third string configured against these inverters??


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I am not sure what causes this error, but I have encountered it a few times before. A quick way to clear it is to just select the blank drop down on the inverter in question - in your case #6 - add any string to it, then select the drop down again and remove the string to make it blank again. That always seems to clear the error and allow the simulation to run for me, though the error shows up again the next time I open the variant.
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