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Array field/Near shadings area ratio (6.7.6/6.7.7)


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I've been getting an error for "The Shading area is lower than the PV modules area." when opening projects created in older versions of PVsyst (6.73). See attached example, the system area to shading area ratio here is about 1.1 and the maximum (in project settings) is 2.5.

Why is the error still coming up?





[attachment=1]2018-12-07 15_41_06-Project settings.png[/attachment]

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Thanks! After posting this the other day I realized that those may have reset after updating PVsyst.

Seems those parameters are not saving when I close & re-open PVsyst.

Also, why are these under "Verifications on General system parameters" and not "System design parameters, losses, shadings"?



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