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Unbalanced inverter with 4 MPPTs


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I'm having an issue simulating an inverter with 4 MPPTs. The thing is that they are unbalanced, while when "Unbalanced MPPT" option is ticked in "Additional Parameters/Secondary Parameters" of the inverter, only two MPPTs can be defined.

Please let me know how to simulate such inverters?

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The "Unbalanced" feature is a very special mode, only available for 2 MPPT imputs with very dissymetric inputs.

When you have more than 2 MPPT inputs, you cannot define this mode and its very specific behaviour.

But you can always define Sub-arrays of different powers on each MPPT. In this case you should use the "Power sharing" option for attributing a given PNom to each MPPT input.

See the help "Project design > Grid-connected system definition > Multi-MPPT inverters: power sharing" for further details.

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