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How to simulate multiple houses with a PV system connected on each one


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I am interested in modeling multiple buildings with solar on them. I was wondering how I would set that up? And see how the shading interacts with one another?

Or do I have to manually do one house with the others as just regular shading objects, with no PV field? Is there a way to do this? Say for example model 3 houses at the same time (in one model) and get 3 results (1 for each output for each house?) .

Also, how does the model perform if you put the solar panels on the vertical facade of the walls (90 degree)?

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D

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HI Mimi,

You will need to create three separate variants for each system if you want the outputs to be separated. You can model as many as you want together, but the outputs will be combined. I'm not sure what the specifics are, but if if the building(s) will impact other systems, create a shade scene with all of the buildings, and then have three variants, where in each one the modules are on a different building.

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