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New interactive map using OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers protocol

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Since v6.7.7, PVsyst is using a new interactive map using "OpenStreetMap" and "Geonames" web services and "OpenLayers" protocol.




This new interactive map provide the same functionalities as the GoogleMap used in previous versions except two limitations of the "search" function:

1) You cannot enter coordinates - we have reintroduced this feature in version 6.7.8

2) You cannot enter street address.

If you have already the coordinates of the desired location then you can enter them directly in the "Geographical Coordinates" tab. The new button "Get from Coordinates" allow to fill automatically the other fields like the location and the timezone.

You can find more details about the search format by going directly to the web site of the web service provider we use now for the search function (GeoNames):


If you are using a version of PVsyst older than 6.7.7 then please read the following post:


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