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Shading Scene for Bifacial System


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I am using PVsyst v.6.72 to estimate the generation of a bifacial tracker.

However, I was not able to create the following conditions in bifacial systems with PVsyst :

a. with vertical axis trackers, dual axis trackers or tilted axis E-W trackers etc.

b. with shading scenes for any array type

c. with specular reflectors

d. with varying albedo patterns on the ground

e. to define exact shading pattern on back side of PV module due to support structure or array shading pattern on the ground due to the array.

Is there any option to incorporate a shading scene with a bifacial system in PVsyst v.6.72?

Could you please tell me the above simulation option for the above systems and the option for the user to use ray-tracing & shading scene definition to more accurately predict the energy generation from bifacial arrays are incorporated in any of the more recent or upcoming versions of the Software?

Thanks and regards,


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In the present time PVsyst treats 2 specific kinds of Bifacial systems, which may be modelled using maily 2D calculations:

- "Unlimited sheds", or 3D scenes which can be approximated by unlimited sheds

- "Unlimited trackers" with horizontal axis, or 3D scenes which can be approximated by unlimited trackers.

In a next step we will implement bifacial systems for any 3D scene, which involves a 3D tratment, more complex.

The extension to other kinds of tracker is not foreseen in a near future.

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