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Import CSV points - how to obtain the correct polygon?


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Hello everybody,

I have an area for PV modules which I imported (successful) into PVsyst via the csv import with x,y,z coordinates.

As the area is not a fully convex square or rectangle, PVsyst creates a polygon out of those points which is larger than the actual wanted polygon.

I paid attention to the right order of the points in the csv, so it should be possible, to obtain the correct polygon, if PVsyst would follow the order of the points, but it creates also sections between not-related points. See the uploaded sreenshot.

Any advice? Thanks in advance


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This tool is not suited for importing shading objects of any shape, like a polygon.

It defines a terrain area, i.e. an uneven surface. In this respect the terrain is defined as a set of triangles constructed on your 3D points. The order of the points cannot be pre-defined: it is set by an internal algorithm according to the points positions. There is no possible choice for that: this is a univoqie mathematical choice. This construction cannot be concave.

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thanks André for the reply. Now I understand the purpose of the ground import better, apparently, I got the concept a bit wrong in the beginning.

But is there any other way to import coordinates for a PV area? So far, I still do it via the ground object, and then manually click a PV Plane on top of the points which I need (if the ground object does not have to many points, this works quite well, but still is quite a bit of manual work which leads also to some inaccuracies by clicking not precisely at the wanted position).

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