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If I want to optimize the tilt angle? Parameters that need attention?


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I want to optimize the tilt angle.

I know in Taiwan Taoyuan when "Orientation Azimuth" setting "0°" is PV Module in South the Plane Tilt

should about 20°~23°

When I Project design→ Grid-Connected To answer is about 17° 18°

I setting Orientation、System、Near Shadings

What about I missing to setting or fixed value

If I choose Preliminary design is 20°~23° Right

Sorry Bad about my English

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If you want to obtain what you "know à priori", it is not the good way. Sometimes the real calculation gives defferent values than what you are waiting for.

Now the optimization of the plane orientation for your site may be obtained in detail in "Tools > Transposition factor" (here, please press F1 for Help).

However this optimization is different when you have a sheds (rows) arrangement, due to mutual shadings. For deeply understanding this, please use "Project design > Grid connected > orientation", and choose "Unlimited sheds". Open "Show optimization", and press F1 for explanations.

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