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Bifacial modeling


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I have some question on Bifacial modeling.

Iknow we can use bifacial module on PVsyst. And It must use unlimited sheds.

I want to use nearshading option with 3D modeling. But this option cannot use unlimited sheds and when I use it, it change mono-facial system.

So I wonder how can we use 3D modeling in bifacial system.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

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In the present time the bifacial model of PVsyst is indeed limited to shed-like or tracking with horizontal axis installations, sufficiently large for neglecting the edge effects on the sides of ths system, as well as in front and behind it.

However you can define a 3D scene (in sheds or trackers), and if you (and PVsyst) judge that this matches these hypothesis, PVsyst will allow to use this installation as basis.

However for the bi-facial calcuation, it will construct a dummy "unlimited sheds" installation, as similar as possible to your effective installation.

Please carefully read the help "Project design > Bifacial Systems > Bifacial systems procedure".

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