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Error while importing Soda Helioclim data


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I want to add Helioclim as one of the databases I use but I can't manage to import them in PVsyst.

I go to this website : http://www.soda-is.com/eng/services/service_invoke/gui.php?xml_descript=hc3v5_invoke_hour_demo.xml&Submit=HC3v5hour

But when I click on import in PVsyst i get the following error message : Buffer in the clipboard endsprematurely.


I strictly follow the instructions from the Help section but I still get the message. Besides when I check the clipboard, it contains all of the informations needed.

Here a screenshot of the informations I copy from the csv file I get from Helioclim. I'm using Excel 2010.


Am I doing something wrong ? Thank you for helping me.

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