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Export GlobHor considering a specific clearness index

Borja Alias

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Hi there,

I try to export horizontal global irradiation considering a specific clearness index of 0.815 as ASCII file from 'Advanced simulation'. I've modified the clearness index (Kt) for every month in 'site file > monthly meteo' but however, PVsyst seems to ignore these values and uses Meteo file's clearness index ('meteo file > view meteo site > monthly meteo'), which cannot be changed.

Any idea how can I modify clearness index on meteo file? Or how can PVsyst take into account monthly meteo's Kt instead?



Site file > monthly meteo

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A monthly clearness index of 0.85 is considered as irrealistic by PVsyst.

The limit is fixed to 0.82, however you can change it in the "Hidden parameters", topic "Miscellaneous: Meteo, Simulation,...".

Now I have just tried to define the GlobHor in Kt units, and this works quite well: you can save your SIT file with these values.

NB: In the "Import Meteo data" section, you have the opportunity of creating a file of all Clear days for any location.

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