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PV loss due to temperature does not go below a certain %


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I've tried using different modules to attain different results, but the "PV loss due to temperature" is always 10%. The site is located in South America, Brazil.

As recommended, I am not going to mess with the pv modules specs, but I believe this might be a limitation being caused by the the default parameters set by PVsyst.

If it is indeed a hidden parameter that must be changed in order to attain accurate results, please help me change it as well as recommend parameters that are used in Brazil.

Thank you!

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There is no specified limit here.

The Temperature loss is related to the muPmpp temperature coefficient of your modules, and the array temperature TArray.

It is evaluated using the one-diode model and the thermal model described in the help "Project design > Array and system losses > Array Thermal losses"

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