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ASCII import of measured tracker POA data in PVSyst 6.75


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I’m having trouble getting measured horizontal single-axis tracker POA values into a Met file by ASCII import in 6.75. The restated POA values in the resulting Met file do not match what is in the ASCII source file. All relevant information has been entered--horizontal inclination of 0, azimuth of 0, angle of rotation limits -60 to 60deg. When I view the Met file “Used parameters,” I see InclMin/Max = 10.0/80.0, and AzimMin/Max =-60.0/60.0. Is there a place where this can be modified? Is it within the Met file input, or within the project file?

From PVSyst6 Help: Plane Orientation, we see “…..During the data analysis and simulation comparisons, you will be able to use either the original values or a recalculated plane irradiation. At this stage, plane orientation may be slightly modified, but big changes are not advised as the tilted plane irradiation looses some information with respect to horizontal true measurements.”

Thank you!

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The *.MET file is meant for an internal use within PVsyst. In principle we don't ensure a complete maintenance and info about its parameters and variable names.

The parameters you mention are not used in any way in this file. These are useful for other tracking types.

For horizontal axis tracking systems:

- The Axis azimut is named "AzimAxe"

- The Phi limits are named "AzimMin" and "AzimMax".

Thise values are set when you create the ASCII file, and act on the importing process. They cannot be modified afterwards of course.

For the question of ReneeDegutis: The import of Meteo data measured on a tracking plane has been introduced in the version 6.73. This feature is not available in the version 6.68.

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