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Updated orientation different from imported shade pattern orientation


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For a particular PV park project, I created a shade pattern in SketchUp since the shade pattern involved several orientations: mainly: 4 segments- 2 flush mounted (Azimuth: 76.1, tilt:14.6 and Azimuth: 256.1, tilt:15.2) on the 2 opposite boundaries of the park and 2 parallel segments in the centre (same azimuth as previous parallel sections, tilt=15deg). These are some of the issues I encountered:

1.) After selecting 'several orientations' , 2 out of 4 segments were disqualified since the tilt angles were nearly same for the fix tilt and flush mounted segments and I could not find an option for defining this. Would this affect my results?

2.) After importing the shade file from SketchUp to PVsyst, due to non-matching parameters I was asked to update 'Orientations' where again 2 were identified but the tilt of one of the segments was auto updated to 1 degree. The design in the imported file on PVsyst still looks like it should with a tilt of 15degrees. But seems like it isn't recognized by PVsyst.

Do not know if I can trust the results. Where am I going wrong? All help would be highly appreciated!

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