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Datasheets vs PVSYST-data


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If I compare data of Renesola JC250S-24/Bb (or JC255S or JC260S) I see differences regarding Tolerance.

Renesola datasheets show tolerance 0~+5W (positive tolerance)

PVsyst Defintion of PVmodule shows Tol 3.0%

If I import from PHOTON I get Tol 0.1%

What causes this difference and how does it affect simulation results?

It also raises the question to what to what extent datasheets can be used for defining a new module.

PVsyst Defintion of PVmodule shows RShunt parameters. Are they available on datasheets?

I also see big differences bteween RShunt data for the JC250S-24Bb module imported from PHOTON and the "same" module in PVsyst database

How do I know what module is the right one to use?

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In PVsyst V 5, for historical reasons only the lower tolerance is specified. If positive tolerances, the lower value is set to 0.1 as the 0 value is interpreted as "not defined" and set to 3%.

This value is only used as initial default value for the "Module Quality Loss" factor.

Now the datasheets may change at any time. Many manufacturers who previously defined -3/+3% have recently passed to positive sorting (-0/+3 or +5%).

Rserie and Rshunt are specific parameters of the one-diode model, not specified in the datasheets. In absence of specified values PVsyst chooses default values. See How to fix Rserie and Rshunt parameters? and their implication in the simulation results.

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