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47% IAM factor Losses using Scandia Model


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Dear fellow PVsyst users,

I recently was surprized by some very large loss factors when using Boviet 6612P 320 Optimized modules, as shown:


Crazy Big IAM Factor Losses


Investigating the IAM curve, the Scandia curve looks really strange:


Scandia Lab's IAM factor versus others


In general, I thought that the Scandia model was experimentally confirmed. Is this the case? Has anyone seen this before? What would you consider a reasonable approach to this?

Thank you,


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I really don't understand how you got this result.

The Sandia model is hard-coded in PVsyst, the values are unmodifiable and give a result very close to the normal Fresnel's model.

This curve is probably a user-defined IAM profile, specified in your PV module, with completely erroneous parameters.



Sandia model and Fresnel, normal glass and with AR-coating

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